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Swimming rules

1. You are not permitted to swim if you have an infectious disease which can be diarrhoea, conjunctivitis, skin inflammation or jaundice (hepatitis A) in the infectious stage.
2. If you have a verruca or athlete’s foot, you can swim if you are receiving medical treatment for it.
3. Babies must wear swim nappies.
4. After visiting the toilet, the sauna or the steam sauna you should shower again before swimming.
5. Wash your whole body without swimwear with soap and rinse off. Remove makeup and the like before swimming.
6. You must wash your hair or use a swimming cap.
7. Swimwear must be clean and appropriate. Do not use underwear.
8. Do not contaminate the water by spitting, blowing your nose or urinating.
9. Do not wear outdoor footwear in the barefoot area.
10. If you discover faeces in the water, you should immediately leave the pool and inform the staff.

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